Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Well finally got back to this. I recently purchased max 2010 and upgraded from max 9. Unfortunately this meant that I had to start over on materials and lighting because when I opened the max9 file and tried to render, I got all kinds of errors for the lighting and materials. So far it is paying off though as I think I have a much better result then before.
I also had gone back and redone of finished many of the models. I replaced the sink with a new pedestal sink, which I think help open up the room a bit. I also sculpted out the details on the antique doorknobs we have, which isnt very noticeable in these renders. I also worked a lot trying to get a more believable mesh for the towels and floor mat. The material still needs work but overall I think they look much better.

The problem I am having now is that the reflection in the mirror does not recognize the exposure control settings that I have had to use to get the scene to the proper brightness. There is a simple daylight system with mr sun and sky for lighting and I am using a logarithmic exposure control to brighten the image. I tried with the mr photographic exposure control also but got the same result.

Hoping I can figure out how to get that mirror to properly reflect the environment and then I can finalize everything else.

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