Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Did this building as a test for a client. The test was in 2 parts, one was a rough colored illustration/ concept of a city train station. The second part was to model and texture the train station. The model was to be used in a flash game very similar to SimCity. So final bldg was only going to be viewed at a average size of only 200 x 200 px, which is pretty tiny overall. The focus was to get as much impact out of the bldg even though it was to be so small. Also the bldg could only be 2000 polys which is really low for a large bldg.
I spent a lot of time optimizing the mesh and pulling out as many of the large details as I could without going over the poly limit. The final model with ground and everything came out to exactly 2000 polys, which was no easy task to achieve.
I also timed myself on this and the final time from illustration to model completion only took 21.5 hours.
Unfortunately I haven't heard anything back from the client even though I really tried to nail down the exact style they had set out for me, but either way I think it was a fairly successful test of skills.

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