Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Well its been a while since I have posted. This is mainly due to the fact that I have been working on many weapon designs for a new MMO game. As per the contract I can't post any pics of the work so far until the game is release which should be sometime this fall.

I have however started work on a new competition piece for CGtalk.com. The Accelerate competition. The competition is a challenge to create an image in the style of the great Syd Mead. For those that don't know Syd is one of the world's leading futuristic vehicle designers for movies and games. Some of his more well known credits include Blade Runner, Tron, Short Circuit, Aliens, Time Cop, Johnny Mnemonic, and most recently, and Mission Impossible-3.
The judges panel for this competition is an all-star cast of people in the TV and film business which includes Syd Mead himself, The Myth Busters (Jamie and Adam) as well as some other famous studio directors.

I am a little behind on my entry so far since the contest ends June 30, which gives me 2 weeks to complete my entry. I hope its enough time.
My idea for the competition is an interstellar train and station. It will be a mix of hand painted pieces combined with some 3d elements.
The first 3d element will be the train followed by the Space/train station. Its just a model for the moment and I will soon add textures to it.

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