Friday, March 19, 2010

Project Blizzard. Protoss Nexus

reference image

So time for a new project. I have always been a huge fan of anything Blizzard especially Starcraft. In fact Starcraft was one of the major influences that made me want to make video games in the first place. When I started in college many years ago, my end goal was to work for Blizzard and even today I still would love to work there, even though they are a huge mega developer now.

None the less I figured it was time that I started doing some blizzard style pieces. The reference image above is a screen shot from the the new Starcraft 2. The Nexus, like the terran command center, is the most important building for the faction. Its kind of like the king in chess, lose the nexus and its game over. So I figured, since protoss was always my favorite race to play, that it was a good piece to start with.

I plan on making 2-3 buildings, the protoss probes and the protoss carrier ship, which I will eventually put into the unreal game engine and make a small game scene. The idea here is not to design my own style but rather to mimic the Blizzard style as exact as possible. Although once in the unreal engine they may look slightly different but the goal is to make them as close to the actual thing as possible.

So stay tuned as I build, texture and light each model and then work to get them into a working game engine.

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