Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 25..Final render, time for paintover

All textures and final renders completed, time for post production work to start.

The top image is the final render that I will be painting over.
The next image is a render of the object IDs. By rendering out the object IDs like this I make it easier later in Photoshop because now I have premade selections that I can then use to make easy masking layers. Masking lyer will help alot later when I only want to paint in one section of the image without painting on the other.
The Final image is the Ambient Occlusion pass. This layer, once multiplied over the top of the final image, will give added realism to the shadows and shading in the image.

From here I put the images together and begin painting in the dust, debris and spider webs to everything behind the bookcase. I want to paint some of the spiderwebs to be blowing in a light breeze coming out of the doorway, so that they will be reaching out into the middle of the picture.

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